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In February 2016, Acrolinx surveyed over 800 professionals around the world to better understand the impact of content quality. To do so, we started off by asking the participants to name what they believed to be the top three business implications of having poor-quality content. Here’s what they said..., Download to continue reading!

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Great digital experiences are part art, part science. The magic lies in how we bring content together with data to deliver experiences that are engaging, relevant, and personalized. As the number of channels and devices continues to grow — and as the number of technologies we utilize in marketing, sales, service, and other areas explodes — it's becoming much more challenging to deliver a connected customer experience. Too often, gaps in data and content management result in disconnected experiences that reduce customer engagement and negatively impact the brand.

An enterprise digital asset management (DAM) system can help by addressing the content gap. It provides the single source of truth that organizations need to make their digital assets broadly available to internal and external users and put their assets to use in the context of customer data. This paper examines the critical role that digital asset management plays in the age of the connected customer experience.  Download now to learn more.